Legio Nova skál 3,3ltr


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“Eva Trio Legio Nova is a new interpretation of the classic Eva Trio Legio tableware designed by Ole Palsby. With its delicate, fluted decoration on the outside, Legio Nova can be used on its own, but also goes extremely well with the timeless simplicity and elegance of the rest of the Legio collection. Use the Eva Trio Legio Nova bowl for elegantly presenting any dish. The bowl will add a touch of style to any festive occasion, but is also designed for everyday use. It has a multitude of uses, for example serving salads, pasta and vegetables, or it can be used as a fruit bowl. Made of porcelain. Oven-proof, freezer-safe, microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. Contains 3.3 l.”



Eva Trio

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